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As usual, I love lists.
  • got a new room
  • still in london for exeat
  • accidentally accused someone of taking my phone in the tube, only wishing to be an ostrich the next minute
  • watched snow prince, a japanese film that was just purely awesome
  • still sick since the first day i came to uk
  • hates the fact that it's raining daily
  • yet to take medicine
  • yet to eat
  • yet to go back to school by 6pm to continue moving my stuff upstairs
  • yet to buy air freshener to rid new room of foul smell
  • not really bothered to capitalize
  • byebye
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Shopping list:
  • For Christmas Dinner, I plan to buy this lovely black dress from Next
  • I need boots, but I don't want UGGs since they're stupidly overpriced. BUT NO BOOTS FIT MY CALVES COS I HAVE BIG MUSCLES
  • Shoes like this or this for Christmas Dinner
To-do list:
  • Rent an apartment in Reading for December sales. Must be less than 700 a month. It's still overshooting my budget, but if I go without snacks for a month I'll last. Found one. The person would contact me if it becomes unavailable. For 400 a month, I'm okay with it. All utility bills covered!!! XD
  • Email school to request for my own personal room. I can't stand sharing one anymore. Before doing so, I'm going to discuss it with my parents.
  • Stay in school premises during weekends to prevent self from spending money like mad. I want to spend more on boxing day!

Right now I'm waiting for November to come. When that happens I'll have 576 more in my bank a/c and I won't need to bug my sister anymore for money when she's so broke :'(
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I just remembered about Dreamwidth. Whee. Not. I should blog more often because I lost my diary but who cares...

I finally made another drawing at last, yet the colouring isn't exactly complete yet. [click]

So, I fell in love. Yes, with none other than.... LEE DONG HAE. Hahaha. I'm so obsessed with Korean Guys lately, I don't know why. I've been listening to Neorago non-stop too =3 There was this guy on TV yesterday too. He looked kinda dorky, but I found him cute. SHHH! Mom mustn't know lol

The Leadership workshop I attended was great. My group won and I have loadsa freebies. CN took a picture of me sleeping in the bus, and it was UGLY. *double, no TRIPLE chin alert* He was mean enough to bluetooth it to me too >.>

I've loads of photos of the workshop, though few of me :( It sucks being the only photographer on duty, and worse still, being constantly scolded by my father because the activity ended late. (what?!)

I was searching for my lost sketchbook this afternoon when I stumbled upon loads of blank scrap paper that my mom gave me when I was in Primary five! That was a good seven years ago. The papers are still clean and white too :D

Holidays have started and I'm going to really work on my web projects. PHP programming, here I come!

I'm currently suffering from an overdose of noise pollution from my neighbours. I think they're drunk or something. Idk. Alcohol is banned here, that's for sure :S


Jun. 5th, 2009 09:53 pm
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Lack of posting, but who cares, right?

My incredibly hard and stupid tests that would probably result in a failure for me are over for this term! I still have another week of school before my nice two-week holiday. A week after the holidays is my Qualifying exams :(

I've uploaded photos to my Flickr account :) Check them out here. Oh, and I'm currently working on a portfolio design for fun, since I'm learning jQuery at the same time.

(click for full view)

I'm gaining a lot of weight lately, even though I've been working out more often than before :P I guess my intake is still more than what I need.

Yesterday Korean Culture Club was fun. We got to see Super Junior's performance and a video on Lotte World. We also learned how to greet people in Korean XD Anneonghaseyo!

I'm off, so see you later.


May. 31st, 2009 02:17 pm
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I don't know why, but I'm very much obsessed with Korean guys lately. I find myself watching all the DBSK and SuperJunior MVs to just kill time. My current phone theme is also featuring DongHae :D

So yeah, I need to find real life eyecandies to get rid of my obsession.
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I have to places to blog, one at my blogspot and another one's here. I'm torn between two. One's for absolute rambling while the other one's an update on my life for my sister to read. Yeah.

On a side note, I still need beta testers for FlatBah, my flat-file blogging script. Anyone? I will give you e-cookies and e-hugs =3

I've been trying to write poems lately, and so here's my latest poem;

It starts with goodbye,
That bittersweet feeling,
Though I can live with lies,
I can't keep on waiting.

My Pandora's Box,
The key that you hold,
Keeps me shackled,
with secrets untold.

It was supposed to be longer, but then again my teacher told us that he will only accept 8 lines at most x_X

I really need to do something useful aside from eating Dumplings.

Pure Maths

May. 20th, 2009 11:44 pm
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I'm too much of a lazyass, and now that I see things clearly, I've about 3-4 months worth of Pure Maths homework to catch up with. I've been taking advantage of my teacher's good nature and hence I have been doing absolutely nothing for the past few months. (apart from classwork that is).

I just couldn't be arsed to do maths because I'm overconfident, that's what i know. But I want to change that. I dont' want another B again. I want an A. A. A. A!!!

So now I'm off to do my Pure Maths homework until April. The ones for May I haven't got the list, and so I'll get it from Nab Nab tomorrow. SIghhhh. I really need to improve on my effort for studying. It's nearly nil!

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Lack of things to post. Stupid coursework projects + hw.
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I did nothing for my mom. Except to spend $100 in HuaHo and then getting daddy to pay the bill before getting a free cake. lol XD

Okay, enough with randomness. I honestly have nothing to blog about, except that I'm writing a romance novel *again* and I probably would never finish it.

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My brother is 13 today. This year, I give him greetings, a hug and a kiss in hopes that he would:
  1. Hit puberty and be taller than me. I hate being the tallest in the family, so I don't wear high heels
  2. Mature over night and help with the chores
  3. Limit his online time and care more about his vision
  4. Eat more vegetables since his intake is nearly nil
  5. Not get mad at me so easily even though he knows I PMS all the time
  6. Be more careful in exams because he has a good brain but is careless all the time (like me!)
  7. Get out of my parents room. He's a living parasite!
  8. Clean up the room I'm living in. Everything's in a disarray It's his room, but I'm here because my air-conditioner died and with this heat wave, I will not put myself in such situations where all I do is sweat.
So my dear little Tarap brother, saengil chukha hamnida.

(Yes, I'm practicing my korean sometimes) :D

Random bits

May. 5th, 2009 10:40 pm
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So I skipped class yesterday, and guess what? There was a total of 11 who weren't there too. EFFF YOU PEOPLE~~~ *stress*

So Mr S wasn't pleased, at all. He plans to submit our names to the discipline teacher. I'm going to use my perfect attendance as my insurance. Something along the lines of:
I've never skipped a single class before. My attendance has been 100% for all these 5 and a half years here, save for the days I'm away on scholarship interviews or had been sick and I will not start to skip classes to tarnish that record.
Nabilah and I initially planned to use MP work as an excuse, but if our head teacher gets scolded, we're dead too. So we chose not to. We just shut our mouths.

I have a lot of computer stuff on my wishlist. My parents would probably give me a 'no' for 90% of what I wrote there. I'd rather use the money spent on past year books and all that to buy those tech stuff. For one thing, though the past year books are useful, there's no point buying printed copies when you're in this modern technological era. We have free e-books to download. Solutions are also there, so what's the point?

I'm seriously frustrated with my Head of Bureau. He's treating me like shit. During meetings, I try my best to give my ideas, but whenever he hears Tiah talking, he turns a deaf ear to me and listens to Tiah wholeheartedly. I had planned a Cultural Festival and even wrote a working plan for it during December. When I suggested my ideas to Jaz, he wouldn't listen to me. He listened to Tiah all the time and I couldn't bear it.

Now, Tiah claimed the whole Cultural Festival was HIS idea. Like, hello, I was the one who mentioned it on MSN to everyone in our bureau. You taking credit for my work isn't fair. I slaved away from form 4 to get to this point while you just easily kiss people's asses to climb to the top? Unfairness. 

I'm rebelling by not being an active member in my bureau. I still do the tasks that I have to without a complaint, but whatever Jaz says I turn a deaf ear to him. Serves him right. He had to ask help from Rai to deal with the working paper. If his attitude towards me changed a little bit, I would've given him my full proposal for the activity.

Another stupid issue is Emily. Her mom's a principal of another school, and when Emily didn't get into the student council (she rejected it during form 4), her mother said to our principal, "My daughter has great grades and is 100% more capable than others. Why is she not in the student council?"

Ouch. I got in because I was reccommended by 5 teachers when I was in form 4. According to their report, I was diligent, helpful and all that. As for Emily, all she had was good grades. Capable? My ass.

"Like, fuck off." Melly said. Melly and I shared the same views. Both of us didn't like it when others use their relations to climb their way to the top. We prefer the back-breaking situations where we work our way to the top. Our credibility is all lost once a prominent figure backs you up.

Even though he's been classmates with Emily since primary, he didn't like how she got her role. Heck, even the teacher in charge doesn't like the students from the Z class. Most of them used Emily as a vessel to get to the top, including TIah.

I think I ranted enough already. I'm going to do more homework now x_X
p.s, I have found myself a new home on the internet, but I need time to settle the whole site to get it up and running :)
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 Wow, it sure feels great to have an invite code. Thank you so much to [personal profile] wolfsheart for the invite code :)

Since I no longer blog at, I've decided to update this and my LJ. Of course, seeing that this has no Snap previews, I like this better. Now if only I could blog properly =\

I'm awfully tired, I've just managed to edit some parts of my resume to upload. I managed to reduce the filesize from 28.9mb to 2.8mb. You can view my resume here.

School was shite today. I actually escaped a lesson by accident. How lame is that? I was too engrossed in the birthday party to check the time and when I did, it was already 1.55pm, 5 minutes to the end of the lesson. There was no point entering, but I'm sure my teacher wouldn't let me off easily. I'm mentally prepared to face the music.

I'm having a huge headache thanks to Visual Basic. I cannot do things right, and I'm too half hearted while doing this project. I don't know if I'd get a scholarship or not, and it I do, I'd have to redo my project all over again, and I hate it when that happens!

I'm so glad Snark's back. I've been munching on Eclipse, not Snark pills, to just keep myself sugar high to face yet another boring day. I'm really unmotivated to go to school =(


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